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Social Media

Considering a social media marketing consultant?

It is easy to spread your message on social networks and just as easy to send the same message through multiple channels. For instance today’s blog post can become today’s newsletter, status on your facebook page and your latest tweet. Do you have a rich visual in that blog post? This will serve you well on facebook and on Pinterest.

We can help you set up and maximize your use of facebook, Twitter and other social networking outlets as part of an overall integrated strategy or simply consult by the hour and help you get set up quickly and easily. Many social media outlets have specific account types for businesses and almost all of them also offer a paid social media presence.

We’ll walk you through, not only how to set up a social presence, but help you develop a deliberate online social marketing strategy, point out pitfalls and help you customize the look and feel of your landing pages. Each site targets a different audience and you need to be aware which audiences you are trying to reach.

The goal of any social media strategy is to eventually lead back to you, your website and eventually your business.