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Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing, also known as SEM or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is becoming more and more important as organic competition is increasingly fierce and search engines are giving less and less away for free. A good pay per click campaign set up in Google Analytics should cost as little per click as possible and bring in as many clicks as it can. The goals are to be listed first or at least in the first three, to have a compelling ad that fits what the person is looking for (answers their need).

Selecting the right mix of keywords and parameters can often take time and is a process of honing and refining. It involves deactivating words and ads that are not producing clicks and replicating and improving upon what is, in fact, successful. Sometimes the most obvious keyword for your business might be a low performing keyword over all. Search engine marketing is a process of testing and retesting.

The process involves more than writing ads and choosing successful keywords. Your website may need to be updated and improved to reflect the intent and keyword use of the ad. This may include the creation of a special landing page. This landing page should answer the question or solve the problem your site visitor had when they typed their keyword or phrase into the search engine in the first place.

Try it for at least three months. The frequency of ads can be based upon a budget you feel comfortable with after the initial set up fee.