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rr.interactive was creating  e-commerce sites when having a shopping cart look and behave the way you wanted meant building your e-commerce site from scratch. Now there are a number of beautifully designed, search engine optimized easy to use and set up off the shelf shopping cart products. rr.interactive can help you set up and customize the look and feel, help guide you through the process of selecting a credit card processing account and where necessary help you to obtain and install a SSL certificate (which ensures the online connection is safe and secure.

With todays options you may not need one of your own as off the shelf e-commerce solutions often already take place on secure servers.

From simple payment or donation forms to full featured shopping carts.

A good e Commerce solution should fit the way you do business. It should be easy to understand and use.

How will we approach your eCommerce project?

We will talk with you about your products, your brand and your target customer as well as your current staff and their comfort level with technology.

We’ll evaluate the amount of traffic you are likely to have in the near term and the potential for growth in the long term.

We’ll use this information to recommend an Open Source shopping cart solution, a proprietary eCommerce solution or a simple Pay Pal payment solution.

We’ll help guide you through your options for accepting credit cards and checks, and help you gather important content including privacy and return policies.